London Escorts

London is one of the cities that have legalized Escort service with so many escorts’ agencies coming up now and then. For the people who are looking for escort services, they can have many more options to choose from now than ever. The agencies range from high class to professional agencies making London the best place in the entire world to find an attractive woman companion to join you for a date and possibly fulfill your sexual needs. Nevertheless, have you ever wondered what kind of life an escort lives or what it is like to be an escort. Most people do not know, and their assumptions are probably far from the truth if they know. The job of an escort demands a lot from you as an individual. For instance, in a single day, one can get more than 50 phone calls from different men and even more.

Starting this career at the age of 19 years, so that I got through college, I got into trouble with the law and later on entered the industry. At this time, I was only doing this for money. I had to hide this from my family, which I lived with was another big challenge I faced since I didn’t have my place to live. One time, the agency had to pick me up from my parents as early as 7 pm and brought me back at 7 am, and my parents found out what it was doing and threw me out of our home. I spent a lot of time living with my friends that could only lend me their couch to sleep on. While working as an escort, you are only entitled to 70% of the money earned. Sometimes as you work with the agency, you can either be office-based or car-based, where you wait in the office for the call or picked by a driver whenever you are needed. However, as an independent escort, you are often forced to wait in the supermarkets or on the streets, which is dangerous.

Challenges associated with working as an escort

  • Breaking the news to the family since most families are against prostitution
  • The job is overwhelming
  • Sometimes one can be attacked on the way
  • Money can be a problem in the beginning before you get into the agencies

Below are just a few of London’s best escort agencies with the very best escorts. All these agencies can provide you total satisfaction and, most of all, discretion.

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  • Movida

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  • Angels of London

This is a popular site and a home to the best looking escorts the city of London can offer.

To sum up, being in the sex worker community is good because London offers a robust, supportive, and united community for such people. Most people would not want to be associated with sex working because of the stigma, which is not in London. London offers an atmosphere where you can feel proud of your job and use what you have to make a living.